Palace of Versailles

Daydreaming in Versailles – A Day Trip from Paris

Have you ever dreamed of getting lost wandering the grounds of magnificent Versailles? Pull up a chair and take a trip with us….

View of Paris from Notre Dame

Three Days in Paris – The Trip

Join us as we spend 3 glorious days touring the sights and sounds of magical Paris.

Destination Paris!

Three Days in Paris – Last Minute Trip Planning

What happens when Mr. Travelbypoints leaves the trip planning to his wife? A 3-day Paris itinerary that tests the limits of endurance and a little bit of sanity….


A Whimsical Afternoon at Mystica Lodge in Costa Rica

Join us as we stumble upon this magical gem smack dab in the middle of paradise – Mystica Lodge in Costa Rica.


Thanksgiving in Costa Rica: Experiencing Pura Vida

Join us as we spend three full days exploring the Arenal region of Costa Rica, with excursions to Tabacon, the Hanging Bridges, Mystica Lodge, ziplining and more…

The Virgin Mary atop Cerro San Cristobel

Peru & Chile in 11 Days – Part 15 – Walking Tour of Santiago

Our Itinerary: Day 1: Flight to Lima, Peru Day 2: Flight to Cusco, Peru + tour of…

Following Sergio on the trail at Rano Raraku

Peru & Chile in 11 Days – Part 14 – Easter Island in a Day

Join us as we explore mysterious Easter Island on a full day tour.


Peru & Chile in 11 Days – Part 13 – Full Day in Lima, Peru

Join us as we explore Peru’s capital city by foot – 24 hours in Lima.