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Eight Things I Learned in Maui

Posted on Aug 19, 2014 by in Travel | 0 comments

The more I travel, I find I am less interested in checking off bucket lists and more interested in reflecting on the imprints each place leaves on my heart. Often times this will earn me empty stares from friends when I ask how Paris made them feel instead of which places they visited. The look that basically begs, “Come again?”

Jimmy has learned to humor such questions with a thoughtful pause before replying. Thoughtful pause preceding a matter of fact one word response of “Good” results in drastically different outcomes than “Good” without the all-important pause. All smart husbands know this.

In the case of Maui, the first stop in our epic MomTrip, I asked him what he remembers most and he stared into space, eyes half-focused at a spot to the left of his computer screen for half a minute, before replying reprovingly,”Oh, you fell and injured your ankle because you were not careful!”

Leave it to my husband to remember the most important details.

My ankle still hurts from an embarrassing fall on the slippery black lava overlook along the Road to Hana drive. One moment I was nervously eyeing Jimmy’s mom taking pictures with her camera phone a good several yards away and the next moment I was sprawled backwards on my rear end, dazed and confused.

The universe could not have been clearer in its message to me about the importance of self-awareness in the presence of judgement. The split second before I tripped, I was uttering the words, “Watch where you step!”

That was just one of many epiphanies I had in Maui. Thankfully, most of them were less painful.

Here are the 8 Lessons I Learned in Maui: