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Return to Zion National Park

Posted on Oct 24, 2013 by in Domestic, Travel | 2 comments

Fall is my favorite season of the year. Somehow the fresh crisp air conjures up memories of Back-to-School, Halloween and the visceral joy of jumping on a pile of brown crunchy leaves -memories that manage to leave me feeling like a 10 year old again. 

Living in the desert, the arrival of fall also means a reprieve from the grueling days of 100+ degree temperatures and a return to a period when it is safe to embrace the outdoors again. 

This wonderful turn of season happened to coincide with the recent arrival of visitors to our home and gave Jimmy and me the perfect opportunity to marry our favorite season with a visit to one of our favorite places on earth – Zion National Park. 

Our visitors were only in town for the weekend but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show them one of the region’s greatest natural treasures and ended up strong arming them into accompanying us on a last minute day trip. No matter how short the time, any visitor to Zion will tell you, a visit to this sanctuary is still nothing short of magical.

Here are some highlights from the trip. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Towering Cliffs of Zion

Bridge over Virgin River

Another view of the Virgin River

Red cliffs near sunset

  • bluecat

    Zion is my favorite National Park too! Angels landing and the narrows (Thru trip or up and back) is fantastic.

    I have to tell you that, because I recall that you live in LV, you should check out Valley of Fire too. That place has an AMAZING juxtapositioning of colors: reds, oranges, yellows, black, purple….and that’s just the rocks! Add the deep blue sky and some green scrub…o man!

    I went there last week and now I can’t wait to hit it again on my next trip to Vegas!

    P.S. Have you been to Vermillion Cliffs or Antelope Canyon?

    • No matter how many times I go back to Zion, it manages to blow my mind every time. Thanks for the tips for Valley of Fire. We have been on a all-too-brief day trip (in the summer) and are looking forward to going back when it’s cooler to explore it a bit more. Haven’t made it to Vermillion Cliffs or Antelope Canyon, but have seen some spectacular photos that make me want to find a chance to go soon.