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Three Days in Paris – Last Minute Trip Planning

Posted on Feb 26, 2013 by in International, Travel | 12 comments

Destination Paris!

On the eve of our first trip to Paris just a little over a week ago, a dear friend emailed to warn me against letting “whirlwind travel” get in the way of true enjoyment of the City of Light. Specifically, she said,

“I hope rather than trying to see everything, you approach the most romantic city in the world knowing you will return to experience and take in more parts of her again.”

Beautiful, heartfelt words that made me cringe in embarrassment. 

Red-faced, I stared at the 3-day itinerary I had just painstakingly prepared, taking into account the logistics of time, geography, the vagaries of opening hours and the Paris Museum Pass, a virtual all-you-can-see ticket to the city’s most famous sights. How is it that the same person who spoke longingly of spending unencumbered time wandering the trails in our nation’s national parks could be the same one responsible for crafting the breakneck itinerary in front of me?

I turned to my husband for reassurance and asked him to peruse the plan I laid out for our 3 days in Paris. I could see his eyes scurry back and forth, analytically skimming the timetable and logistical caveats in the footnotes. A minute later, he looked up and said, “Wow, this is really good.” Oh dear God.

And then it hit me. What I created was actually much worse than even Mr. Travelbypoints‘ most jam-packed weekend itinerary. Watson has supplanted Holmes in the crazy. Plus, I had just willingly forfeited my right-to-complain cards for the entire duration of the trip.

Paris Museum Pass and Key Attraction Opening Hours

Preliminary 3-Day Paris Itinerary

So fast forward three days – how did it all turn out?

In short, it was magical.

It also set the stage for our future trip to Paris, when I will most definitely be taking my friend’s wise words to heart and take it all in slowly. Because once you’ve gotten the crazy out of the way, it paves the way for a much saner appreciation of the hidden delights waiting to be discovered.

Stay tuned tomorrow for highlights from our whirlwind trip!

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  • americantaitai

    Hahahaha, you’ve finally succumbed to the crazy.  I suppose it’s only a matter of time  🙂  But I’m super excited to read about your Paris trip.  You’re totally right, once you get the crazy out of the way, it leaves room for the next trip to savor and enjoy what you’ve discovered on a previous trip!  😛

    • I’m going to call myself an optimist and regard it as a temporary moment of insanity. Only time will tell! 

  • Hahaha… The student has surpassed the master, I believe…

  • Shaquanna

    This sounds like me a little.  I tell myself to keep it simple, and not try to do a lot, but usually my husband and I are running everywhere on trips!  I look forward in hearing all about your trip, from you and your hubby, as we’ll be going there soon ourselves.

    • Ah, so nice to meet a kindred spirit. I guess the monkey brain has us running around more than we’d like. Enjoy your trip to Paris! Hopefully you’ll find some helpful hints to aid you in your trip planning.

  • Artkorapin

    Beautiful picture and it sounds like a fun trip. Can’t wait to read and follow your trip to Paris. 

    • Thank you!  It was really fun and tiring…but totally worth it!

  • So scary!

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  • Prana,

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your spreadsheet itinerary. 🙂   And here I thought I was the only one that scheduled every minute of vacation. 🙂

    • Hi, Deb!
      Is there a support group I should sign myself up for now?? 🙂  It’s so good to hear from you. Hope you and your family are having a ball traveling the world – all thanks to mom’s fabulous hobby!

  • Mertica8

    Okay. I’m still giggling! 😉 Our differences account for the richness in our friendship, while our similarities account for the depth of our familial love. Whatever the approach, I am so happy you and Mr. TravelByPoints had a wonderful first trip to Paris! & yes, after reviewing your itinerary, the insanity has definitely won out! 😉 Pura vida!

    • Love you, sister!  Pura vida!

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