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Whirlwind Weekend – California Road Trip to Point Reyes and Yosemite

Posted on Oct 16, 2012 by in Domestic, Travel | 7 comments

Another weekend, another opportunity for me to question my husband’s sanity and my own.  Which begs the question, who is crazier – the guy who attempts a road trip to visit both Point Reyes National Seashore and Yosemite National Park in one weekend, or the wife who gets dragged along for the ride?  On second thought, don’t answer that.  I concede defeat.

In our ongoing quest to get maximum mileage out of our Southwest Companion Pass and attempt to visit as many National Parks as we can before the winter season sets in, we jetted to San Jose, CA this weekend as the springboard for our nature-themed road trip.

Joining us for the first part of the excursion were my college drawmate and her boyfriend – two unsuspecting souls who would get their first introduction to whirlwind travel with Mr. Travelbypoints.  Before the day was up, they would get an extended crash course on the best credit cards to sign up for and strategies for maximizing award points in travel booking.  I should have warned them beforehand but I didn’t want to scare them off.

To add frosting to the cake, my dear college friend is prone to car sickness (a fact she didn’t mention until we were en route) and California’s Highway 1 is known as the mother of scenic, winding roads.  And that’s just Saturday.

As is quickly becoming this series’ tell-tale M.O., I’ll let the quotes and pictures speak for themselves.

Notable Quotes

“What’s the best credit card to get?”  – Dangerous first words to start a conversation with Mr. Travelbypoints, especially while a captive audience in a slowly moving vehicle.  American Taitai learned this firsthand a few weekends ago and readers would be wise to take note for future reference.

“The first time I visited Muir Woods I got really car sick and almost threw up on the person sitting next to me.” – My college roommate to the car as we drove past Muir Woods on a particularly winding stretch of road.  I didn’t get a good look at her boyfriend’s expression (in the backseat), but I’ll bet he was scared.

“I’ve been to Yosemite before on a West Coast Chinese bus tour.  We spent 30 minutes and saw a waterfall.”  Mr. Travelbypoints recalling his previous visit to Yosemite and trying to account for his lack of impression.  This totally explains why whirlwind travel is second nature to him.

“I’m glad there’s no cell phone reception in national parks so you can’t check your email.”  Mr. Travelbypoints displaying his “selective” anti-technology tendencies.  Hours later, he snaps a picture of his entree and posts it to his twitter stream.   

“Some people are really crazy and extreme.” Mr. Travelbypoints in reference to the OTHER crazy people in the world.  The irony is not lost on his travel companions.

Picture Postcards

Day 1 – Point Reyes National Seashore

View upon arrival at Point Reyes National Seashore

Another view of Point Reyes along our hiking path


Our delightful travel companions angling for the perfect sunset shot


Point Reyes at Sunset


Chimney Rock hike at twilight


Another breathtaking view of Point Reyes


Day 2 – Yosemite National Park


Road trip to Yosemite begins…


Yosemite Granite Cliffs


Colorful fall foilage


Trailhead to Bridal Veil Falls


Mist Trail Hike


Mist Trail Hike – Do you see the granite face?


Afternoon picnic spot along the Mist Trail


Another view along the trail


Heading back to San Jose before the sun sets.

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